Project Showrooms N3 / De Siún Architects

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Project Details:

Type: Industrial & Infrastructure

Architect: De Siún Architects

Location: Ireland

Address: Dublin

Program: Showroom| Warehouse

Year: 2018

Area: 30,000 sq.ft.

Photographer: Ste Murray

This new showroom & warehouse for an Irish tile wholesaler attempts to re-imagine motorway industrial architecture. The design uses standard materials expressed in an inventive way, steel fins expressing the façade rhythm and contrasting colours to let the building be the brand.

Project Showrooms N3 / De Siún Architects
Photo © Ste Murray

Drawing inspiration from motorway noise barriers where vertical rhythms appear to shift as a driver passes, this is an architecture intended to be viewed and understood at 100m/hr, the typical point of view of the building’s observer driving along the N3 motorway.

The simple charcoal rectangular form has its cladding pulled back to reveal a series of fins expressing the depth of the construction behind. 
These fins, formed from standard 203 PFC sections, create a rhythm that conceals and reveals the deliberately contrasting colours as the driver passes, creating an illusion that the building changes colour with movement.

Project Showrooms N3 / De Siún Architects
Photo © Ste Murray

Following Venturi Scott Brown Izenour’s seminal ‘Learning from Las Vegas’ the client branding is painted onto the steel cladding with the colour linked into a pressed cill that underlines the fin feature. The building becomes the sign.

Overall the façade is broken into simple ratios, balancing the charcoal form with the vibrant client branding colours. The fins are nine meters high and one meter apart. This rhythm continues throughout the façade developing in simple ratios of 2:1, 3:1 and 9:1, allowing for an engaging and well balanced visual effect.

The deliberately simple form reflects the economic & structural constraints of the building type with a design that uses standard materials and steel spans, expressed in an inventive way. Internally, the industrial power-floated screeds are left exposed against a palate of steel and tile, while the walls and soffits are painted in a dark charcoal to match the exterior, emphasising the products on display in this decorated shed.

Other Details:
Contractors: Project Tile Contractors 
Structural and Civil Engineers: Brunner Consulting Engineers 
Consulting Engineers: O’Neill Consultant Engineering Services 
Quantity Surveyors: O’Connor Doyle Chartered Surveyors 
Mechanical & Electrical Engineers: Ethos Engineering

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