Britain’s Commercial Cleaning Experts

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Commercial cleaning refers to the industry in which individuals or companies hire professionals to clean their premises. Cleaning’s not a job that many business people have time for, and on an industrial scale, the work can be mind-boggling. Commercial cleaners take the stress of maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of your premises away from you and do the work themselves. It’s a thriving, vital industry, and one that’s present in every city around the world.

UK Commercial Cleaning, one of the United Kingdom’s foremost commercial cleaning companies, expanded rapidly under the leadership of entrepreneur Tony Earshaw. Tony’s keen business sense and passion for fantastic service saw the company go from a small new business to a massive, nationwide commercial cleaning company in the space of a few short years.

The benchmark-setting service that UK Commercial Cleaning provides hasn’t gone unnoticed, however. The company boasts ISO 9001 management certification, meaning that its management structure is at peak efficiency and maintains a consistent international standard. The company have now become part of the UK Commercial Group and now offer its services to residents of cities across the United Kingdom, whether they’re in England, Scotland, Wales, or even Northern Ireland. That’s a big step up for Tony, as when he bought his first cleaning business, the company was only making three hundred pounds per month on a window cleaning round through England’s northeast.

A Range of Experience
Like most commercial cleaners, UK Commercial Cleaning deals with an extremely wide range of clients. In most industries, this is a desirable scenario, but in the world of commercial cleaning it’s an absolute must. The services provided by UK Commercial Cleaning cover all types of premises across the UK, with the company maintaining long-standing cleaning contracts with schools and NHS hospitals as well as completely different spaces like restaurants and hotels. UK Commercial Cleaning even goes into care homes and communities to provide their exemplary commercial cleaning services to those areas.

Commitment to Great Service
UK Commercial Cleaning’s mission is to provide great commercial cleaning service to its clients at every opportunity. That’s why all their staff members are CRB checked, with a minimum of three years’ experience in commercial cleaning. Every vehicle in the UK Commercial Cleaning fleet is younger than three years old and is capable of coming to any city in the United Kingdom to spread the company’s great service.

UK Commercial Cleaning covers the full range of cleaning services and options, from clearing blocked drains and gutters to full-scale industrial deep cleans. They’ll maintain gardens, clean your entire office or business building, and even repair fire damage, as their qualified and certified staff put their hard-earned skills to the test on any conceivable cleaning job.
Of course, the company still provides the excellent window cleaning that Tony Earshaw once ran when the UK Commercial Cleaning story began.


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